Who Do You Call When A Tree Falls? Tree Emergency

Trees provide us shade in the summer, clean the air we breathe, and add beauty to our outdoor living space.  Although trees provide several benefits, unexpected situations occur that show the harms caused by their thick wide trunks and extensive diverging branches.  There are times where circumstances beyond our control cause emergencies that necessitate immediate tree removal.

The need for emergency tree removal typically comes about when a tree has fallen.  It could be due to wind, ice, rain, or snow.  Extreme weather conditions can cause damages to trees that make them a hazard:

  • Trees fall under the stress of heavy snow
  • Tree branches can break under the weight of ice
  • Trees blow over, and branches break during strong winds
  • Heavy rains saturating the ground can cause trees with shallow roots to fall

A tree that’s close to a home or building can fall on a house, a car, power lines, or a road, posing immediate threats to either people or property, or both.  Quick action can be a lifesaver and avoid harmful results.  Emergency tree removal is needed to dismantle or remove the hazard to protect your home, the public, and property.

Certain situations call for your proactive attention; being defensive is your best offense. Emergency tree removal is imperative if a tree is old, diseased, or dead. An unhealthy tree is more vulnerable to the outdoor elements and can be taken care of before it becomes a more expensive, dangerous, and unwanted problem.  If you notice your tree is not healthy, calling for emergency tree removal can save you the expense and hassle of not acting quickly.

Whether in a situation within your control or not, Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations is your best solution for emergency tree services.  They are highly trained tree removal professionals with in-the-field experience and specialized machinery like our spider forestry bucket lift that provide you safety, done safely, with 24/7 accessibility.  Safety is a top priority of Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations. They can be reached 24 hours a day, and work will be completed as soon as it’s safe to do so.  Call them at 412-303-4443 for a prompt response to your tree removal emergency.