Forestry Bucket Lift – No Tree Too High

One of the things that makes Artistic Tree & Landscape Creations different from other tree services is our specialized equipment and our commitment to safety. We choose equipment that ensures the safety of our crew and customers. We also choose equipment that allows us to do our work exceptionally well.

One of our newest pieces of equipment is the 2750 Omme 90 ft track lift, aka spider lift. This equipment allows us to get into hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces. With articulating booms and jobs, the lifts are easy to maneuver to the exact position we need them. The Spider Lift safely goes up to 90 feet in the air to work on trees that are too dangerous to climb. The aerial lift is perfect for tree trimming, facility maintenance, construction, and many other uses.

When we climb significant heights to reach treetops to perform our services, it can become a safety issue. Our bucket truck is a heavy-duty vehicle that features a long arm extension that carried a bucket for our crew to stand on while performing tree removal or trimming. The bucket keeps the worker safe until he gets to a point where he can use his tools to safely perform his job. This piece of equipment is not only the safest way for our team to reach the tallest trees in your yard, but the truck below them provides protection from damage to your yard from falling branches and debris.

Successful tree services require quality equipment that is also safe. Our Spider Lift and bucket truck are an important part of how we provide our customers with the best quality tree service in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.