We’re in the hottest temperatures of summer right now, but it will soon be winding down. School hasn’t even started yet but stores are already stocking Halloween candy and decorations. Fall is a season of vivid colors and the perfect time to spend mornings and evenings out in your yard sipping on something warm while bundled up under a light blanket. With a plan and attention in September and October, your yard can become a breathtaking autumn oasis for your enjoyment.

Fall Planting & Gardening Tips

This change of season from summer to fall is the best time to plant and is the best growing season, because of the warm soil and cool air. The benefits of fall gardening are that you do not have to deal with the pests, weeds, and disease in these lower temperatures.
To get started on your fall yard prep, you need to:
  • clear out plants past their prime by cleaning up flower beds
  • prepare your soil for new plants by adding compost, fertilizer, and nitrogen
  • inspect your property to ensure your trees and shrubs are healthy and safe
  • aerate, reseed, and fertilize your lawn
Prepare to plant new:
  • Trees and shrubs: You can layer Japanese Maple for the effect that your yard stretches on for miles. Evergreens are good for creating borders and adding privacy.
  • Bulbs: It is best to plant bulbs in late September to mid-October, getting them in the ground before the first frost of the season.
    • Popular bulbs to plant in the fall that will welcome spring: crocus, daffodils
    • Winter bulbs that add color in the snow: cyclamen coum, snowdrop, winter aconite
  • Plants with vibrant fall color include garden mums, pansies, and flowering dogwood.
  • Mulch around trees and shrubs to insulate the roots. This is your protective blanket.
Once you have attended to the landscaping, it is now time to devote attention to hardscaping. Hopefully you left room in your plan and yard for a feature that adds function and value to your yard. Patios and retaining walls are all great options. Outdoor firepits are also popular.
The professionals at Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations have a wealth of experience in landscaping, tree services and hardscaping. They can break down the steps needed to refurbish your yard, including pruning needs, proper shrub shape and plant color selection, and maintenance concerns including inspecting trees that pose a high risk of falling during winter storms. Contact them now to get started on your fall planning and planting that will yield an inviting autumn oasis. Call us at 412-303-4443.