Winter presents risks to the health of trees, shrubs, and landscape plants. Snow and ice accumulated on branches mixed with road sale, is a recipe for damage to all plant life. Although trees are dormant during winter, that does not mean they are immune to the adverse effects of ice, snow, and salt. The damage will not be visible until the thaw that comes with spring, but we can act now to help reduce the eventual harm.

Freezing rain, ice storms, and heavy, wet, snow can occur at any time during winter, causing extensive damage to the entire landscape, and the addition of de-icing salt creates a negative impact to the health of trees. Although you can’t control the weather, you can take preventative measures to help reduce the damaging effects winter conditions have on your trees.

What Needs To Be Done To Protect Tree Injury From Snow, Ice And Salt Damage?

Winter’s harsh conditions cause broken branches, split apart trees, leaning trees, and even fallen trees. Ice and snow add weight to branches making them heavy and increasing the chances they will break off. Immediately following a storm, check for any structural issues with your trees. If you see damage, you can assume there is also hidden damage. If damaged trees or branches extend over your house or car, or even power lines, they are a safety hazard. This is when to call in a professional tree service for a thorough inspection to ensure the overall safety and health of your trees.

De-icing salt helps make sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways safe, but it’s incredibly dangerous to plant life. Salt negatively affects plant metabolism and leads to tree health issues. When the ice and snow melt and the salt-contaminated water soaks into the ground, plants are not able to consume the necessary nutrients because of the excess sodium.

Salt damage is a fact of winter here in Pennsylvania, however, creating barriers can help prevent tree injury. Wrapping plants that are close to a road, sidewalk, driveway, or public path, with burlap can add protection from the damaging effects of salt. Instead of using salt, consider using sand, gravel, or kitty litter on your property. When the snow and ice melt, signs of salt burn will be revealed.

The tree professionals at Artistic Tree and Landscape Creations are available throughout the year for all your tree and landscape needs. During the winter months we have 24/7 emergency service for safety hazards. Whatever the issue, we are here to help you with preventative measures as well as solutions.